“Twenty things I wish I’d known when I started my PhD”

Lucy A. Taylor received her PhD from Oxford University (UK) in 2018. Granted, it was a PhD in Zoology and not in Humanities, but overall the struggles are the same. Nature (yes! that publication!) in its “Career Column” published Lucy’s sage advice to PhD candidates, titled “Twenty things I wished I’d know when I started my PhD”.

It’s not about your area of research. It’s a lot about managing your time, getting things done, struggling with unattainable perfection, finding your direction(s), managing your relationships (with your supervisors, and with your peers), and not forgetting there is life beyond your PhD. By all means, socialize and get out there, for the sake of your health. And don’t forget: the best thesis is a finished thesis.

You can read Lucy’s advice here. And have a great new decade! 🙂

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