Katherine Dallaston

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Languages, Linguistics
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My research interests lie in the relationship between phonetic speech patterns (voice qualities and accents) and the construction and performance of social identity. I hold a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) from The University of Queensland, and am currently HDR Representative for Griffith's Nathan campus.

Current Candidate
Thesis & Candidature Review Milestone (TCRM)
Creaky voice in Australian English

Vocal fry (also called creaky voice) is a voice quality that sounds ‘rough’ and low in pitch. English speakers’ use of this voice quality is a topic of interest not only in the field of sociophonetics but across many disciplines, including speech synthesis, speech pathology, forensic phonetics, and advertising. My PhD is a large-scale study of the prevalence and nature of vocal fry in the speech of English-speaking Australians - a population whose use of vocal fry is anecdotally pervasive but not yet described.

Past conference presentations:

  • Docherty, G. & Dallaston, K. (2018, September). Putting the accent on belonging: unpacking the social-indexical dimensions of speech. Paper to be presented at Language, Culture and BELONGING Symposium (LCBS2018), Brisbane, Australia.
  • Dallaston, K. (2018, July). The variable prevalence of creaky voice in spoken English: A quantitative systematic review of the literature. Paper presented at the Second Workshop on Sociophonetic Variability in the English Varieties of Australia (SocioPhonAus), Brisbane, Australia.
  • Dallaston, K., & Docherty, G. (2018, February). Towards an acoustic method for quantifying variability in creaky voice in Australian English. Paper presented at NWAV-AP5, Brisbane, Australia.
  • Dallaston, K., & Docherty, G. (2017, December). Sociophonetic variation in the prevalence of creaky phonation in the speech of young adults from two capital cities in Australia. Paper presented at Language Variation and Change (LVC-A3), Sydney, Australia.

Published papers:

  • Dallaston, K., & Docherty, G. (2019, August). Estimating the prevalence of creaky voice: a fundamental frequency-based approach. Paper presented at the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS), Melbourne, Australia.
  • Dallaston, K., & Rumbach, A. F. (2016). Vocal performance of group fitness instructors before and after instruction: Changes in acoustic measures and self-ratings. Journal of Voice, 30(1), 127.e1-127.e8
Languages, Linguistics
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