Lunch Club Wed 30th January (and beyond!)

HDR Lunch Club Candidate Talk

When: Wednesday 30th January 2019
Presenter: Valentina Maniacco
Title of presentation: Translating the Allusions in Tito Maniacco’s Mestri di mont.
Duration: 20 minutes
Location: N16_2.70
Presentation start time: 12.20pm
(Meet at Cafe Rossa at 12 noon for your usual $5 voucher before heading up to the room)

Some background:

Starting this week (tomorrow, in fact!), our weekly Wednesday Lunch Club at Nathan Campus (every Wednesday 12-1pm) is expanding its purpose.

The plan is that occasionally, instead of meeting for lunch at Cafe Rossa, we use the same timeslot to give a candidate an opportunity to give a talk about their research.

Candidates can use the platform to practice an upcoming conference talk, or to just talk about their research in a more formal setting. Because it will happen on a sporadic basis, (i.e. whenever we have a candidate put up their hand), you’ll have to keep an eye on this site to see which weeks are lunch at Cafe Rossa and which are talks (the exact room may differ each time).

If you’d like to give a talk, all you have to do is let me (Katherine Dallaston) know and we’ll find a week that works for you. As this is spearheaded by your fellow HDR candidates, your audience will be your peers. Sometimes, HLSS staff (including our HDR Convening Team) might attend too. At the moment, talks will be at Nathan campus, but if any Gold Coast-based HDRs are interested in either presenting or listening, let me or your Gold Coast HDR Rep Thom Combe know – Griffith have great video-conferencing rooms.

Importantly, our first talk is tomorrow, Wed 30th January! This means there is no lunch at Cafe Rossa tomorrow. Instead, Valentina Maniacco will present a talk she’s preparing for a conference.


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