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Nathan Campus:

Wednesday Lunch Club
We meet every Wednesday at 12 midday at Nathan’s Cafe Rossa. All welcome; if you are on Nathan campus, come join us. Look for the table we have reserved inside.

We are lucky enough to have support from GUPSA in the form of $5 discount food vouchers each week for each HDR Candidate who comes to lunch.  Thank you GUPSA!

Lunch Club Candidate Talks
Occasionally, instead of meeting for lunch at Cafe Rossa, we use the same time slot to give a candidate an opportunity to give a talk about their research. Candidates can use the time to practice an upcoming conference talk, or to just talk about their research in a more formal setting.



  • None, which means it’s lunch this week!

If you’d like to give a talk, let your Nathan-based HDR Representative Katherine Dallaston know and we’ll find a week that works for you. As it is run by your fellow HDR candidates, your audience will be your peers. Sometimes, HLSS staff (including our HDR Convening Team) might attend too. At the moment, talks will be at Nathan campus, but if any Gold Coast-based HDRs are interested in either presenting or listening, let your Gold Coast HDR Representative Thom Combe know – Griffith have great video-conferencing rooms.”

Lunch news:

  • Last Lunch (Brunch!) Club for 2019 - Our last Nathan lunch club for 2019 is tomorrow, Wednesday 18 December. To shake things up a little, we are instead meeting at 10am at G’s cafe (N11) for coffee / brunch. As always, everyone is welcome!
  • Quiet lunch club today - This is a bit late notice (by my clock, the time is currently 11.59am!), but lunch club at Nathan today will be a quiet one as most of us can’t make it. If you go, you might find one or... Read More ›
  • It’s way more than lunch… - The HDR lunch club has been running for almost a year now. We are very grateful for GUPSA’s support, providing us $5 lunch vouchers each week for each attendee. The Wednesday meetings have provided so much more than we ever... Read More ›
  • HDR Candidate Talk – 13th February 2019 - I’m pleased to invite everyone to our second HDR Candidate Talk for 2019. For those who don’t know, the purpose of these candidate-run sessions is to give fellow HDR candidates an opportunity to practice sharing ideas, talk about their research... Read More ›
  • Lunch Club Wed 30th January (and beyond!) - HDR Lunch Club Candidate Talk When: Wednesday 30th January 2019 Presenter: Valentina Maniacco Title of presentation: Translating the Allusions in Tito Maniacco’s Mestri di mont. Duration: 20 minutes Location: N16_2.70 Presentation start time: 12.20pm (Meet at Cafe Rossa at 12... Read More ›
  • Wednesday Lunch Club 2019 - Hello everyone and Happy New Year! 2019 is upon us whether we’re ready or not. Our weekly Wednesday Lunch Club will resume next week, Wednesday 16th January. We meet every Wednesday at 12 midday at Nathan’s Cafe Rossa. You can... Read More ›
  • (Probably) no lunch club on 26 Sep 2018 - Just a quick note to say Nathan Lunch Club this Wednesday, 26 September will likely be a quiet one; many of our regular lunch goers will be at South Bank for LCBS2018.
  • No Lunch club on Show day holiday 15 Aug 2018 - Sorry folks – no food outlets will be open. So, enjoy the the public holiday. Maybe even go to the Ekka. We’ll be back the following week, same time and place – 12 midday at Cafe Rossa. Cu then.

Gold Coast, Logan, Mt Gravatt, or South Bank campuses:

TBC – Have you started, or are you thinking of starting, an HLSS HDR lunch club at the Gold Coast, Logan, Mt Gravatt, or South Bank campus? Tell us about it here.

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