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Last Salon for HDRs this year

If you haven’t attended one before, the salon¬†is designed to be be a¬†relaxed way to talk about our scholarly¬†interests and research with academics and fellow students.¬†¬† The salon initiative was launched¬†by the HLSS school to provide an additional, semi-regular occasion… Read More ›

Australian uni students feel isolated

Article from the Guardian Australian students feel lonelier and more left out than a decade ago The guardian International study finds significant decline in engagement, particularly among Indigenous students and other disadvantaged groups Australian students are lonelier and feel more… Read More ›

GUPSA Lunch club food vouchers

Great news from GUPSA.  Our funding application has been approved, and GUPSA will be proving us with $5 discount food vouchers each week for each HDR Candidate who comes to lunch.  Thank you GUPSA!