CALL FOR PAPERS! “LCBS2018: Language, Culture and BELONGING: An Interdisciplinary Symposium”

Don’t miss out on this! LCBS2018 is a unique opportunity to reap the benefits of interdisciplinary dialogue. 🙂  The speed talk format of the LCBS2018 symposium is altogether original!

Hosted by GCSCR.

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A one-day interdisciplinary symposium hosted by the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research (GCSCR), Griffith University, Australia.

The desire to ‘belong’ is a central and arguably universal characteristic of human society. The purpose of this symposium is to build connections between researchers interested in better understanding the links between language, culture and belonging.

It has long been acknowledged that language and culture intersect. Linguistic forms represent meanings which are often culturally distinctive, even in an age when much of everyday life is articulated through the influence of global culture. For example, while various forms of music and other forms of ‘mediatised’ entertainment, including cinema and reality TV, are global cultural forms, through drawing on local languages and cultural references, they are also ‘local’ forms – aspects of what Robertson (1990) has referred to as glocal culture. Indeed, one salient effect of globalisation has been to highlight linguistic and cultural differences, as can be seen, for example, with diasporas which remain trans-locally connected by distinctive forms of language and culture.

We understand ‘language’ broadly to encompass not only words in speech and writing, but gestures, postures, facial expressions and vocal qualities. Language can be linked in manifold ways to specific, localised cultures, particularly in the context of specific everyday practices such as, for example, shopping, playing sport, or attending a theatre play. These activities can articulate a strong sense of belonging underscored by common patterns of taste, lifestyle and aesthetic preference.

The day will feature two Keynotes, by Professor Norma Mendoza-Denton (UCLA) and Dr Brady Robards (Monash). In addition to the Keynote sessions, the symposium will be organised into three Panels, loosely themed around Words, Sounds and the Body, respectively. Panels will involve a series of papers and open discussion.

Panels will take a speed talk format:

  • Presenters will be required to submit full papers (~2000 words) in advance of the symposium, for pre-circulation to other participants.
  • On the day, presenters will each have five minutes to present an overview of their submitted paper. Presenters may use up to five slides (max) during their talk.

The organising committee selected this particular model to facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue at the event. This format is known to promote more vigorous discussion. We tailored this design to support the quality publication outcomes we intend to pursue post-symposium.

We welcome papers from researchers in any discipline and field, including but not limited to: linguistics, communication studies, cultural sociology, cultural semantics, discourse analysis, gender and queer studies, linguistic anthropology and sociolinguistics. Papers may focus on, but are not restricted to: accents and speech styles, body art and clothing, creative and performing arts, cultural key words, dance, DIY and prosumer culture, globalisation and diaspora, humour styles, shopping and consumption, sport, recreation and hobbies, ‘in-group talk’, narrative and story-telling, tourism and leisure, virtual communities and identities, work and employment.

(Visit the link above for submission and more details).




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